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Hydro Boost Duo Care Fluid

Duo Care Fluid

The concentrated power of the ocean is now available in a new guise, to make highly demanding skin more radiantly beautiful than ever: the two components blend in your hand. This velvety soft, nourishing ocean cocktail lavishes skin with immediate moisture, helping it to relax and revitalize. The highly effective combination of ocean minerals, trace elements, algae and seaweed extracts actively protects the superficial layers of your skin and combat visible signs of stress and fatigue. With 24-hr moisturizing effect. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced, your skin appears tauter and firmer. With DECLARÉ src-complexTM. For smooth, fresh skin with new radiance.

DECLARÉ src-complexTM

Special skin-compatible moisturizing ingredients and allergen-free scents, innovative formulations and modern technologies ensure optimal tolerance and real effects. DECLARÉ src-complexTM (Sensitivity Reducing Complex) works on several levels by improving the skin’s barrier function, and fighting environmental stressors for wonderfully moisturized, strengthened and revitalized skin. DECLARÉ is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.

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Warm the product in the palm of your hand, then apply lightly to face and neck. Massage in gently. 1 x pump per application.


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