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Our Philosophy

DECLARÉ puts things right for sensitive skin

The key of our success lies in the development and production of high class cosmetic products with special and highest demands to skin-compatibility and effectiveness. DECLARÉ is a much sought-after line of skincare products blended from the finest ingredients to protect and restore your sensitive skin’s delicate balance.

Each product is dermatologially tested for sensitive skin in order to maintain optimum compatibility and provide effective, long-term care. Because sensitive skin can be either dry or greasy and can suffer from a lack of moisture, DECLARÉ offers a competent and comprehensive range of products. DECLARÉ has the right products for your skin’s specific care requirements.

Our products are made in Switzwerland to offer you the very best of what the cosmetic industry has to offer.

Discover Declaré – and reveal the beauty of your sensitive skin!


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FREE SHIPPING For Orders over $100

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